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Children and Youth Ministry

Covenant Community Children’s Choir (4-C Choir)

An exciting and uplifting opportunity for young people of the community to explore singing! The choir includes preschoolers as young as 4 years old and is open for youth extending through high school.


These young voices passionately sing joyful songs about God and his kindness to his beloved children – powerful songs that refresh the human spirit. The youth in the 4C choir learn the basics of voice control and dynamics, how to sing individually, blend their voice with a group, and how to move their bodies to help relay the message of the song.


The goals of the 4C choir are to teach children valuable truths through praiseworthy songs, give them exposure to the art of singing, and that they will experience the joy of encouraging others through music.


The Ascension is a custom reading advancement program designed to help move students to the next level in overall reading ability and comprehension. The program is led by three Michigan certified teachers for the benefit of fostering reading competence and confidence in young people of the community.


The word Ascension describes the act of rising. In terms of reading, we want to help students rise above their previous successes – whether that means helping them achieve grade level reading or reaching beyond their current grade level.


We believe students, when provided with the right tools, can transcend their limitations. We invite students to affirm this ambitious acrostic:


I will….


Success in my life by obtaining my 



Networking, taking advantage of the 





Covenant Critters’ Nursery

The Critters’ Nursery Ministry is designed to provide a safe, spiritual learning environment for children – 1-5 years old, while parents participate in the worship services. This Ministry is committed to modeling the love of Christ and impacting the lives of young people by teaching them about God. This is done through the use of age-appropriate Bible stories and lessons; games, crafts and other activities.

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